Life takes time for some of us.

Many people think that success happens just after you finish college.  Well, there’s a reason that commencement speeches are given… they are meant to be the beginning of your professional life.  Words of encouragement and inspiration to go forward.  After receiving your degree, you haven’t “made it” – you have just begun your journey.  Theoretically, you are now prepared to start your journey with the skills that you learned in college.

There are a few people who are lucky enough to get employed during college or just after they graduate, but the most of us take time to ripen into professional quality musicians or to be able to demonstrate this level of capability in an audition for a job.  It takes time.  Sure, some people win their first audition, or some fantastic players get their first win at a very prestigious orchestra.  This shouldn’t discourage the rest of us.  More often than not, the people winning auditions at major orchestras are in their 30’s, sometimes 40’s.  They’ve amassed a large quantity of experience and knowledge of repertoire and have developed an understanding of musical flow and how to connect with an audience through sound. 

This article has some good advice as far as careers go.  It applies to everyone, really:


Keep these comments in mind before giving up on your dreams and goals!  Keep at it.


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